Bionic Marketing Search Engine Marketing Plans Are Perfect For:

Bionic Marketing Search Engine Marketing Plans Are Perfect For:

Would you like to offer search engine marketing to your customers and earn a substantial monthy income doing it?

Bionic Marketing offers affordable search engine marketing plans to Webmasters located in the USA and around the world.

Webmasters do not need any search engine marketing experience to resell Bionic Marketing search engine marketing services. You do not have to be a search engine marketing "expert". You only need to be willing to explain the three SEMP''s we offer to your customers (see "Action Plan"). If your customers want to participate, you will then initiate the billing for the service. We then take over from this point and do all the marketing work!

  • Webmasters who do not currently offer search engine marketing to their customers - but would if they had an easy way to get started.
  • Web designers who want to increase their monthly income with a potentially lucrative and complimentary revenue stream.
  • Webmasters who are tired of not being able to provide their customers search engine marketing and don''t know where to send them.
  • Webmasters whose customers do business outside the USA but want search engine marketing done for their customers within the American marketplace.

Bionic Marketing has been intimately involved with web marketing since 1995 via our parent company. Our "easy to get started" search engine marketing services can be sold directly from us to your customers (we bill them) or as a totally transparent service (billed by you). Either way, as a re-seller, our members can:

  • Easily offer effective search engine marketing plans to their customers ranging from $120/month to $470/month. No marketing experience on your behalf is required.
  • Earn monthly commissions of 40-50% of the billed service.
  • Earn up to 50% commission on standard setup fees!
  • You can invoice your customers for the Bionic service, or we will - it''s your choice.
  • Our services can be transparent (i.e. it looks like you are doing the work and your customers won''t know about us.)
  • Affordable monthly programs means that most of your customers can afford our service.
  • Customers who purchase any monthly search engine marketing program from Bionic Marketing get FREE HOSTING. Another reason to convince your customer that this is an advertising value worth they can''t pass up!

Here''s an example of what you could earn reselling Bionic Marketing SEMP''s....

Customer Type & Program: Monthly Cost to Customer: Your Monthly Commission: Cumulative Monthly Income to You: One Time Setup Fee''s:
10 Small Businesses $120/month $50* $500/month $600
3 Medium Businesses $270/month $125* $375/month $405
3 Large Businesses $470/month $225* $675/month $705
Total: 16 Customers Total: $1550/month Setup Total: $1710

*Setup fees are a one time charge and are equal to the first month of service. Bionic splits the setup fee evenly (50/50) with you.

$1550.00 a month ( setup fee''s!) - not bad for letting us do most of the work!
Remember, you only sold your customers on our program - but we did all the search engine marketing work. The above example is a fairly conservative figure. For the smaller web designer it may be half, or third as much. And to a larger outfit, your gross may be a multiple of this figure. None-the-less, you now can offer a service you didn''t offer before - and you have a new income stream you didn''t have before!

Bionic Marketing search engine marketing is effective and can result in far better search engine positioning for your customers, for a reasonable price.

Consider what your customers may already be paying for traditional marketing services:

Now consider what your customers business may have to sell to break even on their web marketing investment - Just one item sold - or ten - the potential sales generating from the web make the decision to keep a Bionic Marketing SEMP going year round - make it a no brainer!

Product Type and Typical Profit Number of Units Sold Via Website To Break Even at $1500 Yearly Cost
Real Estate Agent/Broker at $2500/sale Less than 1 sale per year
Attorney at $5000/settlement Less than 1 sale per year
Specialty Products Store at $50/sale 30 sales per year
Dentist at $350/new customer Less than 5 sales per year
Heavy Equipment Sales at $1000 per sale 1.5 sales per year
Membership Sales at $75/sale 20 sales per year
Mortgage Broker at $3000/sale Less than 1 sale per year

Our Business Plan - The K.I.S.S. Approach

Keep It Simple S@#$%#! Simply put, if your customers experience a meaningful benefit from the Bionic Marketing services rendered - they will most likely continue to use (and pay for) them. The more happy webmasters we have - the more we insure a brighter future for ourselves. We prosper by keeping our webmasters happy.

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