Broken Sleep Isn’t Good For Your Health

Broken Sleep Isn’t Good For Your Health

If you can relate to the term ‘broken sleep’, then it means you’re in troubled waters. Not sleeping enough, and keeping at it for a long time, could actually take quite a toll on your health. Here are some possible obstacles to your sleep, and here’s how you could deal with them.

You’ve got to pee all the time:

This might mean that it’s time to get that prostate checked. If the prostate gland is enlarged, it would mean that it would be pushing against the bladder, and this is what would cause for the urge to constantly be waking up and peeing.

You’re on painkillers:

Medicines are known to affect people’s sleep patterns, and as much as you’d like to combat it, you’re ‘people’ too! (Sigh!) Most doctors will not inform you about the risks involved in consuming these painkillers. If you do think you’ve recently begun suffering from insomnia, you might want to grill your doc about your prescriptions.

Mrs. Snores:
Broken Sleep

Snoring is known to occur when people sleep on their backs. This happens because your facial muscles will relax and your tongue will slouch to the back of your throat. This will partially obstruct the airflow; and hence the snore. In this case, the snores come from your wife. So all you have to do is get her to sleep on her side. How do you get her to stop?

Make sure she wears snore balls. This isn’t something I made up, it’s for real! Use tennis balls in three socks and pin the socks to the back of her nightshirt. This way when she rolls over, she’ll get ‘balled’ and she’ll turn onto her side once again.

The good news:

If she gets too fed up of this whole getting ‘balled’ idea, she might just strip. That’s broken sleep that you wouldn’t mind!

You smoke because you can’t sleep:

Sorry to break it to you like this, but it’s actually the other way around. You can’t sleep because you smoke. Cigarettes, given their nicotine content, are said to be stimulants. Moreover, a lot of smokers complain of undergoing withdrawal at night. This makes them wake up fitfully or leads them to some more broken sleep.

The neighbor’s dog is yelping his lungs off:

The fact that the dog is barking loudly is not really what keeps you awake. It’s not about the volume. It’s about the flow of it. You keep bracing yourself for the next bout of barks. You could try and invest in a white-noise machine that will even out the racket for you.