Cord Blood Banks – Private or Public? National Health Information

Cord Blood Banks – Private or Public?  National Health Information

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Cord Blood Banks – Private or Public?

After cord blood is collected it is then couriered to a cord blood bank and there are both private and public cord blood banks available. A private bank allows you to store the umbilical cord blood stem cells for use by your own child or family at such a time that it is needed.

So the donor or donor family has the sole rights to receiving the stem cells for their own use should they require a transplant at any time. Cord blood that is donated to a public bank can be used by anyone that requires a cord blood stem cell transplant, so it is donated for public use.

Most of the cord blood banks, both private and public, were founded in the 1990s. There are stringent rules that are regulated at public banks for the donor’s use of the storage facility. Donor must also be screened as well as having their blood samples screened to be able to use umbilical cord blood banking.

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Cord Blood Banks – Private or Public?

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