How to Care for Your Ear to Stay Healthy

How to Care for Your Ear to Stay Healthy

When people old, the capability of the human senses are usually reduce. Well, the ear as one of the five senses should also be treated properly in order not to decrease sharpness. Can you imagine how lonely world if the ear does not work? Trivial things can make a person’s hearing ability decreases know, for example if the ear much exposure to loud noise.

Here are 6 things you can do as an expression of love for the ears so sharpness is not reduced.

1. Use earplugs

Noises are so loud can cause damage to your eardrum. So when you are in a noisy environment extraordinary, use earplugs. As much as possible avoid that kind of location.

2. Use the best

A walk while listening to music from a portable MP3 player or mobile phone is certainly exciting. But do not arbitrarily choose earphones or headphones. In fact, this tool will not damage your ears, but unhealthy habits for you. Generally people actually listen to loud music in order to make the surrounding noise is not heard. But you do not need to raise the volume to gain composure when listening to music, if you choose the earphones or headphones that have noise-canceling features. Thus, the outside noise will not bother you anymore while playing music at a reasonable level.

If earphones or headphones are damaged, replace it immediately. Do not wait until the device is completely cracked.

3. Let your ears rest

Your ears need a break too. So do not ‘force’ your ears to constantly listen to music from a portable MP3 player that. Rest 5-15 minutes can make ear fit.

4. Turn down the volume of MP3

Do not be too hard to play MP3 that can be heard even to the person sitting next to you. Remember, listen to MP3s out loud not a good idea and will actually hurt your ears.

5. Make it a rule

You have to create a rule that can be ‘fun’ ears. For example, applying the rules by not listening to music volume, more than 50 percent and made in just 90 minutes. Then be consistent to undergo your own rules this.

6. Treat your ears well

Recommend that you do not use the cotton bud to clean the ears. Instead, put the olive oil into the ear once a week so that the dirt can come out naturally. If you feel there is something wrong with your hearing function, immediately go to the doctor. Diminished hearing indicates there is a problem with your ears.

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