Renew, rejuvenate and restore

Renew, rejuvenate and restore
Renew, rejuvenate and restore

Discover your potential and fulfill your promise. Enter the special place that is Arnie Reilly’s Health for Life and let go of the stresses of the everyday world.

Join us for relaxing yoga classes, energizing cardio and strength training or nutritional counseling and experience for yourself how Health for Life takes care of the whole you. Our services are specifically designed to make it easy to get going, see results quickly and have fun so you’ll stay motivated.

Renowned fitness expert, Arnie Reilly, has created a Fitness Institute for Women, which offers a comprehensive program that provides the support and guidance busy women need to reach their health and fitness goals. By nurturing budding fitness enthusiasts and providing a convenient and safe environment for exploration, Arnie has created a community within the larger urban landscape where women can reconnect with their inner athlete and reach their full potential.

Located in the Cleveland Park area of Washington, DC, Arnie Reilly’s Health for Life is more than a fitness club and more than a personal trainer. Sign up for classes today and experience for yourself the difference true passion and dedication to women’s health can make in your life.

What people are saying...

“Before I met Arnie, I was less disciplined about exercise and less confident about what I was capable of physically. Now I am more inspired to exercise regularly. I knew when I first walked into the Yoga studio and saw Arnie, heard her encouraging voice, saw the candles so carefully placed around the room, smelled the lovely lavender fragrance, I immediately began to feel better. Arnie creates a strong spiritual feeling in her space as well as a great community among the participants. I found myself planning my weekends around her classes. I didn’t want to miss anything!”
Linda Cassell