Spirit Treadmill Reviews

Spirit Treadmill Reviews

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The Spirit XT175 treadmill is the entry level treadmill from Spirit Fitness. It

offers a very compact footprint for those limited on space. The Spirit XT175 is a

good walking or light jogging home use treadmill. This Spirit has a shorter deck

(20” x 50”) belt, so tall users and runners will be limited on running surface space

compared to other models. Users that want to run should look at the higher end models

for extra size and durability. The console on the XT175 is very simple and easy to

use and will be appreciated by users that are looking for a no frills walking machine.

The Spirit XT175 has a good selection of programs for this price point. It also

has the contact heart rate hand sensors and the wireless HR chest strap for monitoring

your target HR. This treadmill folds up easily and has a “soft drop” feature, so

it won’t come crashing down on top of you. The speed and incline switches are built

into the side arm rails and come in very handy for quick speed and incline adjustments.

The Spirit XT175 treadmill is back with a decent warranty for this price category

(Lifetime frame and motor, 5 years parts, 4 years deck, and 1 year labor).

We rate the Spirit XT175 Treadmill with a “Recommended” rating.

The Spirit XT275 is a much beefier home treadmill than the XT175 for the user

that is looking for a better, mid-range folding treadmill. The XT275 has a thicker

deck, higher HP Motor, and a better tread belt. The longer deck (20” x 55”) will

better accommodate joggers and runners. It also has a higher top speed (12 mph) and

a full 15% elevation capacity. The console is still simple looking, but easy to use

and has a good package of programs to choose from. The XT275 also includes contact

HR hand sensors and wireless heart rate monitoring capabilities.

The quick speed and incline keys on the display come in handy for those doing

interval training with quick adjustments and the speed and incline controls on the

user side arm rails. This is nice as it allows you to not have to reach forward to

change speed or incline on the display. The deck folds up easily and has a “soft

drop assistance” feature to slowly lower the deck for safety. The warranty at this

price point is excellent. (Lifetime frame, motor, and deck;10 years parts/1 year

We rate the Spirit XT275 home treadmill with a “Recommended” rating.

The Spirit XT375 is the enhanced version of the XT275 home treadmill. It has a

longer deck (20” x 58”) that runners and taller users will appreciate more. The XT375

comes with a nicer LED display console with a better layout for those that like to

use the programs and interact with features more. The deck folds easily and has “soft

drop assistance”. The Warranty at this price point is excellent with Lifetime frame,

motor, and deck; 10 years parts/1 year labor.

We rate the Spirit XT375 home treadmill with a “Recommended” rating.

The Spirit XT475 is the deluxe version of the XT375. It has some extra features

that users may appreciate. First, this treadmill has a full size belt with plenty

of room at 20” x 60” and its a orthopedic belt to provide more foot comfort and support.

The Orthopedic belt feels a little softer on the feet, but you could also buy a better

The XT475 has an enhanced LED display that looks nicer and will be of interest

to users who like interactive programming features. The deck also folds up nicely.

The warranty on the Spirit XT475 comes with the same outstanding Lifetime frame,

motor, and deck; 10 year parts/1 year labor warranty.

We rate the Spirit XT475 Home Treadmill with a “Recommended” rating.

The Spirit XT675 treadmill is Spirits non-folding, light commercial treadmill.

This is a great value if you need a light commercial duty treadmill for that high

use home. The XT675 has a full size running surface at 20” x 60”, a high user weight

capacity with 425lbs, bigger rollers, and a higher HP motor. The console offers a

good selection of programs for plenty of workout variety. It also has a good residential

warranty with Lifetime frame, motor, and deck; 10 years parts/1 year labor or a light

commercial warranty with 5 years frame, motor, and deck; 3 years parts/1 year labor.

We rate the Spirit XT675 Non-Folding treadmill with a “Recommended” rating.