Start the Day Off Right

Start the Day Off Right

How many times have you said to yourself, that you just do not have the time to have breakfast of any sort. Alternatively, if you do have breakfast it arrived in your car window and someone smiled and told you to have a nice day. Both of these scenarios are unacceptable methods for replacing the most important meal of the day.

Your mother was not wrong. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Without it, your body will take longer to get to its optimal level as will your mind. Not only does it get you off to a bad start, but it hurts you in the long run as well as completely disrupting the digestive cycle.

In many cases when you wake in the morning, you feel hunger and suppress it so you can get to work earlier, or so you can get that five minutes of sleep you so desperately wanted. While you may think that this OK, it is actually slowing down your entire metabolism and thus causing your body to burn foods and fats at a slower rate, because it feels as if it will not receive the nourishment it will need.

This is not corrected by having a good lunch, this is because the cycle was started when you chose to not eat breakfast. Something to get the body started is better than nothing this is true, however, something healthy is going to trump everything else you may be looking to eat.

Consider the options of just having two pieces of whole wheat toast, making a small bowl of cereal with skim milk, or even having a cereal bar. All of these are better options, then a drive thru breakfast or no breakfast at all. Use common sense when you do this however. Another idea is to boil a couple of eggs the night before, this will give you protein to get your energy up and to start the day right.

Make sure that when you do eat something healthy for breakfast and have finally gotten the day going, that you do not ruin it by not eating for the rest of the day, or by eating a whole lot of things that you should not while you are going on the course of the day. Consider your options once you start to eat breakfast and begin to notice the difference that you feel in your body as well as your mind when you make this routine as opposed to the exception to the rule.