TeleHealth Survey 2001

TeleHealth Survey 2001

2001 begins the second season for TeleHealth Survey©. We would like to thank you for selecting HMS Northwest Inc. and this survey as your preferred site to enter benchmark data for telehealth services. With the recent boom in types of organizations, breadth of their services and depth in clinical practice specialties, it is essential that we document the growth and accomplishments to better identify Best Practices within our industry.

What was missing from the industry is data regarding these services and their interactions. As a benchmarking survey for the telehealth industry, THS hopes to trend the growth of the industry in 12 specific areas of operation: demographics regarding the organization; programming specifics; clients that are served; clinical disciplines involved; management; staff; training & orientation; budget and finance; payer resources and revenue; use of technology; quality and satisfaction; and nurse decision making practices. As a side benefit, the survey attempts to start a dialogue by documenting what we know today and sharing the progress.

Since the telehealth industry is so broad the survey is very comprehensive. Recently, it has under gone an extensive revision. Some of the questions have been removed while others have been revised to improve clarity of their meaning. Answering questions on the registration page will help focus the questions you answer in the body of the survey.

We would like to thank McKessonHBOC for a generous grant to aid in financing this effort. We would also like to thank Webize, Inc. for working so hard to bring these improvements to you. It is also important to thank AAACN. At their national conference in March 2001, AAACN announced their support of this site as the preferred site to enter telehealth data for the industry. It is through the effort of this professional organization that we can grow the practice of telehealth nursing and measure its success.

If you have not registered, click here and move on to the registration page. Be sure to read all of the instructions and tips for taking the survey. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at Liz and I are excited to offer you this opportunity. As you begin to review the questions and contribute to the knowledgebase, we hope our excitement will become contagious. Results of this survey will be available through conference presentations, publications, as well as descriptive and interpretive reports. If you want to learn more about how you can get results click here.

Thank you for your time and support,
Julie P. Cartwright RN, MBA
M. Elizabeth Greenberg MS RN