The best of nars cosmetics

The best of nars cosmetics

This is an official site for various beauty products where you can find cosmetics, skin care items and makeup among other collections. If you are looking for tips that are freely given to artists, look no further than the nars cosmetics official site. The videos found here are also quite informative for those who are trying out for the first time. There are also eye shadows, lip colours and foundations that you will find listed there for your taking.

The history of nars cosmetics

This beauty company was founded in 1996 by Francois Nas in france.It is a cosmetics and skin care company which started small. It is said to have started off with a mere 12 lipsticks. In due course, it grew up with leaps and bounds to incorporate a wide range of other products.

Famous products stocked by nars cosmetics

There is whole range of famous products stocked by this company, namely:

  • Blushes
  • Lipsticks
  • Bronzers
  • Palettes and eye shadows

Products for the lips

If you are looking for nars cosmetics for your lips, you will get spoilt for lip gloss, lip pencils and lip brushes among others products for your lips. Simply visit the site and select the lipsticks that you need.

How about skin care?

At nars cosmetics, you will find a variety of skin care products such as exfoliators, cleansers, serum and moisturisers. There are also some special treatments that accompany the skin care.

The brushes

There are many types of brushes for using for your makeup. You will find face brushes, eye brushes, brow brushes, cheek brushes among many others. Be sure to select the type of brush that suits your needs.

Gifts and palettes

Apart from beauty products, there is a whole range of gifts and palettes such as eye face and lip palettes.