Three Mistakes Of Gynecological Diseases And The Lack Of Drug Selection For The Outsiders

Three Mistakes Of Gynecological Diseases And The Lack Of Drug Selection For The Outsiders

Ms. Wang was feeling a little bit lower body itching, sorry consulting others, and then search the Internet. In a post prompted, she went to pharmacies to buy the meanwhile we are said to cure vaginitis. But with a few days, lower body not only has not stopped itching, but also more serious, so she had to help a doctor. In fact, life can be like a lot of people like Ms. Wang, and gynecological diseases, most of the time also “less than outsiders,” so there will be this kind of misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding one: superstition panacea “Not a medicine to cure, this is a very simple truth, in the treatment of gynecological diseases, is the same.” Director of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital Dr Da-Wei Sun gynecological said, “but the pity is that Many people still believe TV , Network, etc. Advertisement Publicity, not to consult a doctor with a drug that can cure diseases. “All gynecological inflammation causes need to be taken strictly for the treatment of, if not symptomatic drugs, their drug therapy without authorization, often counter-productive, not only cure the disease, but also more difficult to cure existing disease. Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen

deputy chief physician Fan Jianhui also pointed out that the current treatment of gynecological inflammation overwhelming television advertising, which so many women friends at a loss, not knowing what products the right choice. Some people even had to listen to advertisements which many claim can treat many types, or companies known as big as what to buy. This is a large female disease Misunderstanding medication.

Misunderstanding 2: refuse medical advice “Real life many people because they do not consult a doctor, without authorization, gynecological inflammation drug Ershi not be controlled in time,” Armed Police General Hospital, deputy director of the LI Rui pointed out that the more developed because of the current network of information, many people after illness not to consult doctors, but internet search for answers, which makes a lot of minor ailments eventually becoming ever more serious. Network information is developed, but mixed, the source of authority and scientific can not guarantee that.

Rui-Xia Li pointed out that as gynecological inflammatory diseases, including more specific, such as vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, urethritis, vulvitis, annex inflammation, cervicitis and so on, and the methods of treatment of these inflammation There are many common, such as injection injection , oral, suppository, lotion, etc. of various drugs.

General, the preferred topical treatment of vaginitis, with the main representatives for the suppository, lotion, etc. can be used as supplementary means. If patients with other types of inflammation, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, cervicitis, etc., you need to systemic administration. A variety of different principles of inflammation, a variety of drugs are not the same indication. Therefore, a female friend once physical discomfort, it is best to check first went to the hospital. In the diagnosis of the cause, then under the guidance of a doctor scientific and rational drug use, do not refuse to consult a doctor.

Misunderstanding 3: love is going to extremes

Particularity as gynecological diseases, many patients often go to extremes: one is conservative treatment, do not want to go to the hospital, not to take standardized and effective treatment, resulting in delayed healing of diseases; the other is the excessive fear of gynecological diseases , and then take over the treatment, to take a lot of Antibiotic , Every day lotion over clean, causing the body flora, damage vaginal acid-base balance, more likely to develop a variety of gynecological diseases. Da-Wei Sun pointed out that the vagina itself is not absolutely sterile cavity, the existence of certain bacteria, if destroyed, will destroy the body’s own defense mechanisms, and more prone to infection, therefore, women must be clean and appropriate. In fact, patients need attention, but it need not fear too much, as long as the positive formal treatment, gynecological diseases, not a “scourge.”

More common gynecological diseases, chronic inflammation, especially inflammation of the treatment up, there are three weapons: for external use, lotions, oral medication. Patients with good as long as these three arms, which could be completely on the gynecological diseases.

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