Avoid bad breath

Avoid bad breath

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Mouth odor will disrupt the communication process.

Some of the things that cause mouth odor remains, among others:

1. Most people do not brush their teeth at night before bed

True that most people are brushing their teeth 2 times a day, but normally be done during the morning bath and shower in the afternoon, what with the remnants of dinner? Surely they stick to the teeth when we sleep and until we brush his teeth in the morning. And at night the production of saliva which helps clean up the remnants of food stuck in your teeth will be reduced. Over time will form plaque and form tartar that cause mouth odor. Therefore toothbrush is best done after a meal, or early morning and at night before bed.

2. Brush your teeth done the wrong way

Many are brushing your teeth in vain, only the front or rear part, even though many parts are somewhat difficult to clean teeth, usually the back. If the part was never cleaned will result in accumulated plaque and tartar will be a cause of bad breath.

3. Chewing on only one side of the mouth just

Chewing movements will stimulate saliva production is beneficial rinse food debris. If only chewing food on one side, then the production of saliva, chew only on the course while the others are not. Then the plaque will accumulate and harden into tartar.

4. Tongue dirty because they never come brushed

Uneven surface of the tongue can store dirt and joined the bacteria that produce sulfur gases, which is the source of bad breath.

5. Cavities and left untreated

Untreated cavities will trap food caught in it. If this is not cleaned, the food will rot in the presence of bacteria and release sulfur gases that cause bad breath but that you will feel the toothache is so great.

6. Food often stuck between your teeth and not cleaned

In certain circumstances, there are several places where food is often involved, especially when you’re eating meat. If this continues to happen and not cleaned properly, can become cavities in the area.

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