Cheap Family Health Insurance

Cheap Family Health Insurance


For cheap family health insurance FL Health and Life can provide all levels of protection to satisfy any budget or family health insurance need. For those that prefer major medical insurance we can provide PPOs. For cheaper or budget insurance cover that has defined lifetime and illness coverage our Hospital Indemnity Plans are ideal. Our Hospital Indemnity Plans can be tailored to fit a family''s budget as each of the plans also has coverage options for various aspects. These range from miscellaneous costs, doctors visits through to a choice of plan deductibles.

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For many, getting cheap family health insurance is essential to fit within a family''s income. Major medical insurance is rising year-on-year and can be quite expensive, particularly for families. Just having some form of family health insurance is essential irrespective of how limiting the policy benefits may be. Why is this so? Let''s look at an example. The cost of an appendectomy in a central Florida hospital would cost around $12k. (Figure based upon prices as at January 2011.) Without insurance this is what you would be billed. Just having insurance allows you to benefit from the re-priced or negotiated rate the insurance company has with the hospital. This re-priced rate would probably be somewhere between $6k-$8k. As you can see, just having insurance can provide an immediate saving of between $4k-$6. This would not be obtained ordinarily otherwise. This bill could then be further reduced by your family health insurance policy benefits. The amount paid towards the re-priced bill would be based upon any policy deductible, or deductible remaining, and the benefits due to you as per your policy terms and conditions. We can offer family health insurance plans that start with a low deductible from as little as only $250. In addition we can offer a variety of family health insurance plans.

All Policies Are Guaranteed Renewable
Should you receive treatment for a serious or critical health condition the insurer at renewal, with private individual and family health insurance plans, can increase your premiums substantially or simply just not offer you renewal. The policies that we provide come with an ''Association'' membership that provide guaranteed renewability. In simple terms, what this means is that irrespective of your prior year''s health issues you will never be singled out for premium increases in your existing health policy. To see what is possible within your budget do please contact us.

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