Health Promotion Program Ideas – Sports and Recreation.

Health Promotion Program Ideas – Sports and Recreation.

A lot of workforce enjoy team related activities. These activities generally take place on an employee’s time away from work and participation is totally voluntary in nature.

Even though the sports team isn’t part of an employee’s regular work duties, if the team or activity is associated with the employer, the employer can be held liable in the event of an employee injury.

If the activity brings with it a risk of injury, it is necessary to address the possible risk and liability issues with the correct organization department. In addition consult with your company’s workers’ compensation carrier and/or legal counsel.

o Organize summer softball or volleyball teams, a winter ski outing, fall and winter smoke free bowling teams, a spring golf tournament, summer walks, etc.

o Provide pamphlets and catalogs from area Parks and Recreation departments and county park corporations so staff can take benefit of community leagues, trips and offerings.

o Invite an official from one of the above businesses to speak at a corporation brown bag event, or invite an area Parks and Recreation instructor to provide a demonstration of a new class offering.

Family Friendly Activities

Periodically offer activities which may be taken home and shared with the entire family. Ideas for these include -

o TV Free Week (usually in April) – Create a chart for the kids to use to record their TV-free participation.

o Make available a certificate to whoever who is TV-free for a week.

o If possible, offer a few prizes (but not video rental certificates, video games or other TV-related items) for related categories, such as less than 5 hours of TV, no video games for a week, etc.