Healthy Home Harvest

Healthy Home Harvest

Dr. Tomato was recently contacted by the Farmington Public Library. They are starting a Gardener’s Forum that they hope to make a monthly event throughout the year. And, yes, Dr. Tomato will be the first speaker! I will have more information for you in the next newsletter but at this point the first session is scheduled to be Wednesday February 3rd at either 6:00pm or 7:00pm with a snow (who said that word!) date of February 10th. If you want more information before the next newsletter comes out just call the Farmington Public Library.

Now that we have the framework for the website up and running, our focus is on the publication of our newsletter. We plan on sending out Issue #1 of our bi-weekly newsletter on Thursday, January 7th 2010. The newsletter will contain news, updates, upcoming events, as well as how-to topics, and a reader submitted Q&A section.

To sign up, go to the newsletter page and follow the instructions. If you have any questions or suggestions on what you’d like to see included in future issues, please email us at

We are all involved in the growing of plants and the production of food because we find some great joy and meaning in the whole process. For most of us, growing has far deeper meaning than just good tasting carrots or the biggest tomatoes we can produce. There is a social or global element that you may or may not have personally defined yet. But you know it is there. What better way of living your philosophy than sharing some food this season with those who are not currently as fortunate as we are. The food banks are a critical safety net for too many individuals and families during these hard economic times. Why not consider giving yourself and your family a beautiful Christmas present this year by donating some food or time to your local food bank?

Christmas Is Upon Us

Greetings, my friends. Christmas is upon us. We are already covered in a blanket of snow and the thermometer shudders as it dives lower and lower every night. For too many of us, this time that is so well suited to introspection, bonding with family and friends, re-evaluation and definition of our core philosophy is distracted by the commercial bubble built around this special time. Continue reading Christmas is Upon Us…

Saturday December 19th from 9:00am until 1:00pm. It is in Newmarket at the Stone Church. For those of you not familiar with Newmarket, the Stone Church is up on the hill behind the Post Office in downtown Newmarket. This is our favorite farmers market! Good atmosphere, live music, some wonderful vendors, good food and a variety of products. We hope to have a pretty good selection of greens such as lettuce varieties, Asian greens, radishes and gourmet turnips. As always, the fresh mushroom situation will depend on how co-operative the mushroom spawn decides to be. It is a fickle and somewhat unpredictable little organism! See you there!

For more information about the Newmarket Farmers Market, Click Here.