Hemp mylk: easy and delicious

Hemp mylk: easy and delicious

We are all about easy and healthy recipes…

Today, we would like to share hemp mylk with you … We love making hemp mylk, because it’s quick and easy, super nutritious and tasty!

Hemp mylk, like almond mylk, is a great alternative to dairy. We advise our clients to add healthy alternatives as part of their lifestyle. Most bought non-dairy “mylks” are not raw and contain a lot of sugar, this is why we prefer creating our own healthy versions in our Nourishment Center (aka our kitchen).

Hemp seed is a small seed packed with nutrition. Unlike other substitutes, hemp mylk contains all the essential amino acids, which means that you get a complete protein in your glass. Hemp mylk also contains calcium, iron and omega 3s. Not only is hemp mylk healthy it also has a natural nutty flavor. No need to soak your seeds (like you would for almond mylk) so it’s great when you’re in a hurry. Adding hemp mylk to smoothies is a great way to support your energy level. And for us Canadians, it’s a seed that grows in our country, especially in Manitoba.

Fresh hemp mylk keeps up to three days in the refrigerator. We enjoy drinking it as is, pouring on our homemade granola or porridge or as a base for our smoothies.

Here is our tasty recipe. Try it and tell us what you think.

¼ cup of organic hemp seeds
2 cups of water (spring water if possible)
a pinch of salt
one date
a teaspoon of organic vanilla powder

Blend all ingredients in your blender. Strain the liquid in a nut mylk bag, and enjoy your super easy 2 minute home made hemp mylk.