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Running and Nutrition » mountain bike

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Spring is here and summer is right around the corner! With that and today’s good weather, I dug my mountain bike out of hiding and took it to work.

It’s only a 2 mile trip to work, but a nice way to start off the day. Just about the time I’m warmed up, I’m done.

After putting in a full day and riding back home on the bike, it was time for a trip to the local fitness club. Instead of driving there, I got back on the bike for the trip which was another 2 miles in a different direction. My goal was to complete a short indoor workout with enough daylight left to get back without a light.

After getting to the club, I put in about 10 minutes on the weight machines for that upper body workout. After that, I jumped on the Precor 100i elliptical trainer. With this machine, you can nearly reach a full running stride, so it’s a good substitute for running. What really gets my quads burning is when I go into a stairstepper mode. Keeping the body level and letting the legs do the work takes its toll after only 20 seconds, then I’ll switch back to a full stride on this versatile machine.

After 10 minutes on the elliptical, I hit the treadmill for 10 minutes. I set the belt for an 8-minute pace, then practiced taking longer strides to slow down my cadence. Ordinarily at this pace, my cadence would have been a bit faster, so this was a good way to mix it up. Once this was complete and after a quick shower, it was back on the bike for the 2-mile trip home. There was just enough daylight to get by without a light. It was a great cross training workout today!

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