Two Elements

Two Elements

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The Definition of Health Published May 28, 2013 By admin A lot of people the word ‘health’, heard and read almost every day, but all of them understand the meaning of the word, what is it? Sometimes we use the word, because we have too many things, we do not even know it’s true definition for granted. So now, we are going to discuss about the definition of health, from various sources to broaden your health knowledge, even from its basic meaning.

If we take a look at the many dictionary entries are mostly “healthy” will be defined as “the state of our physical and mental condition.” In Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of this project yields “state of sound body and mind , or spiritual. “Therefore, in this case, there are two major elements define Health – Body (physical health) and mental (mental health). These two elements should be in the appropriate conditions, in order to achieve a healthy state. However, there is another definition of “healthy” characteristics, namely: physical illness or pain and poor emotional freedom. World Health Organization also issued its own definition of health as early as 1946: “A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This definition is quite similar to the Merriam Webster represents state dictionaries are the light of the same elements: mind (spirit), the body (physical) and soul (emotions), although by the World Health organization’s definition also includes “social welfare” as a healthy characteristics.

These definition of health from different sources. As a conclusion, “health” can be generally defined as “the overall situation or our mind, body and soul of the state, condition in which there is no physical pain and bad mood.” A healthy person is one who has a good conditions of his / her mind, body and soul. Now we know the true definition of health, why do not we start our efforts, it is now completely healthy?

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