Welcome to Renaissance Optimal Health

Welcome to Renaissance Optimal Health

World changing discoveries in science, art, architecture and culture blossomed in the 15th and 16th centuries. The works and ideas of Davinci, Michelangelo, Galileo, among others, have endured through the ages and influence our culture and our continuing quest for knowledge today.

There is a revolution, a new Renaissance, in health care that is centered on our ability to slow the hands of time. It is evident that with proper nutrition, hormonal balance, and exercise, we can in fact, stop and even reverse the effects we often refer to as “normal ageing.”

Do you find that you lack the energy you once had? Have you tried a variety of diets only to regain the weight that you worked so hard to lose? Has your enjoyment and desire for sexual intimacy declined? Do you have high blood pressure, diabetes or risk for development of them? Do members of your family have cardiovascular disease or strokes? Is there a family history of hypertension, diabetes, cancer or dementia? All of these conditions can, to some degree be prevented and sometimes reversed with age management medicine.

Dr. Samuel S. Jacobson has been in practice for 27 years and has applied high standards for adopting age management medicine into his practice. He has undergone extensive training and study by the two major institutions involved in this field. Using techniques and practices he has learned, patients can benefit from a variety of services including traditional concierge medicine, analysis of risk factors for preventable diseases, optimization of hormonal balance, medical weight loss, nutritional analysis and diet recommendations.

At Renaissance, your anti-aging goals can be met by careful evaluation of your medical and family history, laboratory, physical exam and consultation with Dr. Jacobson.

Your goals may be met by a modest change in food choices and exercise or you may need supplements based on deficiencies in your body’s ability to fight off disease. Bio Identical Hormones may be beneficial for men, as well as women depending on their findings. Aesthetic services can be provided, as well. Dr. Jacobson believes, however, that true beauty really depends on the inner health that can be obtained with age management medicine.

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