register on Philippine Health and Wellness Tourism Summit

register on Philippine Health and Wellness Tourism Summit

“Embracing Health and Wellness in the Heart of Asia” is a health and wellness tourism summit that seeks to lay down the groundwork for a thriving health and wellness travel destination. It will bring together experts and policymakers from the government and health and wellness sectors to identify areas of greatest concern in establishing a world-class health and wellness infrastructure, present global opportunities for the industry, and finally, reveal the country’s national branding and positioning vis-a-vis the strategic direction of global health and wellness tourism industry. It will present all the essentials needed to get maximum advantage from globalized healthcare as patients are better informed and increasingly empowered in choosing the type of healthcare that is right for them.

  • Present real world trends in health concerns—from diseases to the impact of lifestyle choices on health, to factors driving up health care costs—facing patients, health care providers and corporations today;
  • Show how an era of globalized health is bringing together world-class medical professionals; modern healthcare facilities; and the latest, cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs to provide effective, customized, individualized and personalized medical treatments at affordable rates;
  • Reveal how global healthcare is moving beyond simply treating illnesses into the goal of preventing diseases and attaining total health and well-being--through the integration of evidence-based medicine with proven alternative therapies that promote the wellness of body, mind, emotions and spirit; and
  • Rediscover how the power of emotional support, patience, kindness and compassion boosts the immune system to promote healing; and how this makes a crucial difference when receiving care from the most hospitable, most caring people in the heart of Asia.

Top officials, policymakers and stakeholders of:

  • Hospitals, medical institutions and medical associations
  • Spas, ambulatory and specialty clinics
  • Insurance companies
  • Realtors and retirement zones administrators
  • Tour operators, concierge services and travel agencies educators
  • Investors
  • BPOs
  • Publicists
  • Other providers of health and tourism services

Empowered individuals who want more information and more options in getting quality, global health care such as:

  • Alternative medicine trends and how these complement conventional medicine
  • Expert advice on the latest medical treatments & wellness therapies
  • Latest in stem cell research and regenerative medicine
  • Aesthetic medicine that restores youth
  • Insurance portability that ensures safe, effective, and more affordable health care
  • Evidence-based medicine combined with relaxing and immune-boosting therapies
  • To get the chance to be better informed of treatment options and advice in practicing true total wellness.
  • To expand the reach of your health and tourism organization across a global market.
  • To shape policy directions in creating a center of health and wellness in Asia and in the world.