2014 August Daily Health Plus

2014  August  Daily Health Plus

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Ban e-cig use indoors, says WHO

Electronic cigarettes h face greater restrictions n thr , sale n promotion, th World Health Organisation h . Passive Smoking Yahoo News Search Results

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Ebola vaccine trials to start in US next week

Th first human trials οf n Ebola vaccine w trt next week n th United States t see іf t safe n people before t n b m available, scientists Thursday. Thr n vaccine n th market against Ebola, n global attempts t t one ready r life qk-tracked West Africa [...]

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Ravens Smith coughing up blood after bruising chest

Th Baltimore Ravens emerged relatively unscathed far serious injuries frm Saturdays 37-30 victory over th Dallas Cowboys t ATT Stadium. Starting cornerback Jimmy Smith suffered a bruised chest n w coughing up blood, bt X-rays wr negative. Meanwhile, star running back Ray Rice h h shoulder examined n X-rayed, bt tests wr negative. [...]

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Better education on breast reconstruction may be needed after cancer

B Andrew M. Seaman NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Whn t comes t deciding t h breast reconstruction wth surgery fr breast cancer, mt women r generally satisfied wth th h-mkn process, a nw examine suggests. “Or findings generally wr nt news women wh wanted reconstruction t t, those wh didn’t wr generally satisfied [...]

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Scientists n Sunday th h identified six genetic variants linked t glaucoma, a discovery tht h h earlier diagnosis n surpass treatment fr th &#