Bremshey Treadmills Reviews

Bremshey Treadmills Reviews

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The Bremshey Scout treadmill, manufactured by Accell Fitness is a solid entry

level treadmill at the lower end treadmill price point category. This compact, fold-up

treadmill has a nice style and design for it’s price range, it is simple and easy

to use, and is by far one of the easiest treadmills we have ever assembled.

The Scout features 7 preset programs and 3 user programs along with contact HR

hand sensors. The one feature missing on this model that we feel should be standard

on any treadmill in this price range would be a basic LED window showing the user

visual feedback on terrain and hill changes. The console only displays basic readouts

such as Time, Distance, Speed, Calories or HR.

However, for it’s price range, the Scout is very well made with a sturdy, solid

frame and does not shake like most lower end fold-up treadmills when running. You

can find all the specs on Bremshey Treadmills here.

We rate the Bremshey Scout Treadmill with a “Recommended” rating for a low end treadmill.

The Bremshey Ambition is the second model of five fold-up treadmills offered by

Bremshey. This model has the same base structure as the scout, with the main difference

being a larger 2.5 continuous duty HP motor and better electronics/programming. The

Ambitions console does include a graphic LED display allowing a more interactive

experience for the user. This model includes 13 programs, with 3 user and contact

HR sensors. The quality and durability of the Ambition (as with the Scout) provide

a great workout, at a good value, with a good service record compared to other products

We rate the Bremshey Ambition with a “Recommended” rating

The Bremshey Pacer is a feature full treadmill in the mid-range category. This

model has a 3.0HP continuous duty motor that reaches speeds of 12.4mph for the avid

runner and 12% incline. It comes standard with both contact HR sensors, a wireless

HR chest strap, and the speed and incline controls are located on the handrails (which

is a great safety feature for beginners or the elderly).

The pacer has 13 programs, 3 user, including a HRC (heart rate control) program

for maintaining your heart rate zone throughout your workout by having the computer

adjust your incline to maintain your target heart rate automatically for you. If

your looking for a good, durable, fold-up treadmill with many of the features of

$2000 treadmill, then the Bremshey Pacer is a great machine in the mid-range category

We rate the Bremshey Pacer with a “Recommended” rating as a good value for a mid-range