Craig Ali's Biography

Craig Ali's Biography

Craig Ali''s Biography

From the age of 15 Craig has been studying and practising in health and fitness. This is when Craig started committing himself to a healthier and more active lifestyle and straight away he realised the benefits that this had on him.

He was blown away with how much more confident, productive and positive he was in everything he did; then he committed himself to living his life this way and passing it on to others.

Since then Craig has been on an amazing journey, discovering the most effective ways to tune the mind and body. He started off studying fitness health, and exercise science and then went on to gain practical experience as a personal trainer. His clients have ranged from professional athletes to seriously injured patients, ambassadors, corporate firms, and business executives to pensioners. Throughout his time of studying and working he has gained a unique insight into how to help people achieve their purpose and function as effectively as possible.

Craig researches all areas of health and lifestyle to constantly and continuously find the best methods around. He has researched sports and strength training, psychology, motivation and counselling and has studied yoga, boxing, massage and herbal medicine in northern Thailand. Along with this he has always tried to gain further practical experience working with experts in health. Some of these professionals have been, physios, sports coaches, life/motivation coaches, personal development coaches, homeopath and acupuncture therapists.

His passion, knowledge and experience have helped and is currently helping many people achieve amazing results physically, emotionally and mentally. He has the ability to motivate, coach and implement an effective health and fitness plan into anyone''s life.

Craig never expects perfection and always keeps perspective with his clients and himself. He understands that achievement is not about being the best but about being fully committed to your desired outcome.

Personally, he continues to further his knowledge in health, lifestyle, fitness and sport. He is also dedicated to training and competing in martial arts.