Get Whiter Teeth with Smile 4 You

Get Whiter Teeth with Smile 4 You
  • There are many different whitening kits in the high street for us to buy, People have wanted to have whiter teeth for many years, and they envy the Hollywood stars and their dazzling smiles.

    Many people pay out hundreds of pounds having their teeth whitened in the dentist’s chair. Others who decide to do it themselves with home whitening kits have varying results, the majority not that effective.

    Fortunately a product originally devised in the USA can now provide users from the UK with proven results in the comfort and privacy of their own homes at a mere fraction of the cost of having done in a dental surgery!

    History of Smile 4 You

    The product is called Dr Georges Dental White;

    Originally devised back in 1989 by Dr George Madray DMD who is one of Americas most esteemed dental surgeons, lecturer and Author, it has been available now in the USA for over 14 years. Used by professional dentists and the public alike, it has been the subject of numerous media and TV shows including Oprah Winfrey.

    Professional Dentists use a product known as Carbamide Peroxide that when applied to the teeth enamel removes staining and whitens the teeth.

    This method of treatment usually runs over several treatments, each treatment costing many £’s. This is the same active product as used in these kits, at dental surgery strength.

    This product has received the full approval of the FDA, the manufacturing facility is inspected every two years to ensure that the stringent requirements of the FDA are adhered to. Not many products can boast of this fact.

    Smile 4 You is the UK sole supplier of this product; it is supplied directly from the manufacturer, maintaining the quality of its product every time. The product can be kept for two years if safely stored and can be used whenever you wish to brighten up your smile.

    Delivered to your home at affordable prices, Dr Georges Dental White can be conveniently ordered online.

    To find out more simply visit the Smile 4 You website!

    The Smile 4 You website is really informative and offers many real life testimonials from satisfied users that highlight just how well this revolutionary product really works.

    We really feel that Smile 4 You offer a product that is the best value and most effective teeth whitening product available in the UK today – without costly return trips back to your dentist.

    The benefits of Smile 4 You

    Clinically proven to work
    100 % fresh & effective
    FDA approved
    Featured as #1 Kit in UK leading magazines
    Great customer support
    Noticeable results in 30 minutes
    14 day money back guarantee
    Cheaper than visiting a dentist