Superior Quality

Superior Quality

Our Commitment and Core Values

  • At Purity Essentials, our unwavering commitment is to offer science based, quality driven nutritional products that elicit the highest potential for improving health.
  • We have a passion for excellence in our field. Excellence in quality products, customer service, and patient education which gives way to a successful partnership with our clients.
  • Millions of patients need comprehensive support to reach optimal health. We are committed to provide empowering educational material to help them on their journey.
  • We do not use the word "quality" lightly. It encompasses a full range of essential elements which must be in place and substantiated in order to reach "Superior Quality" that deliver professional results.

The elements of pure quality include:

  • Selecting Ingredients that are made with carefully-controlled methods and have scientific validation
  • Controlling the supplement manufacturing process and environment
  • Conducting finished-product testing to ensure the process produced the product as it was intended.

Ingredients Ensure the Right Start

The choice of ingredients is one of the most critical parts in making the highest quality nutritional supplements. We are proud to offer formulas that have been developed using the worlds leading ingredient manufacturing companies making the finest dietary ingredients in the world. The majority of our ingredients in Purity Essentials are patented or trademarked. All ingredients in every Purity Essentials formula have earned the trust of the entire industry.

We also have a strong commitment to European herbal extracts because they are produced with very sophisticated scientific methods and technology. This ensures that we offer products with consistent quality and predictable therapeutic benefits.

Manufacturing Process

If you start with the right ingredients you must then be sure that the manufacturing process is carefully controlled. Our line of products are made under a total quality management approach thru the entire process and we view quality as one of the key elements in: Research and development, product formulation, raw material identity testing, powder blending, tablet and capsule making, coating, packaging and even order processing and shipping. Each of these stages have specific parameters of quality that must be met and have significant oversight from the management and quality teams.

Standard Operating Procedures: There are strict, internal, step by step guides for controlling the day-to-day operations of manufacturing supplements. Our products are made in a facility where SOPs are followed closely by all departments and are consistently reviewed to improve and update them.

Document and record control are other elements of quality control that require meticulous record keeping. This is a history of the manufacturing process for a product and provides traceability. This ensures that all inspections, tests, processes, and reviews are conducted according to standards.

Training is part of the routine process of making sure that all employees are trained and tested in GMP concepts and processes. The training is continual and ensures that all staff members can apply GMPs to their specific areas of responsibility.

There are frequent internal audits to ensure the quality assurance procedures are being followed and to verify the staff adheres to SOPs.

Finished Product Testing

Purity Essential formulas are rigorously tested by independent laboratories who have experience in the analysis of dietary supplements. These tests evaluate the potency and purity of each product through the most reliable analytical methods available.

Prior to the release of any Purity Essential products, tests for tablet and capsule disintegration and weight variation using methods outlined in the United States Pharmacopoeia are completed. These testing procedures ensure that the product will break down properly in the human body.

Purity Essentials takes quality very serious and we know your patients deserve the very best in the industry.

Superiour Quality - Professional Results