The 9500 HR Cross Trainer From Life Fitness - A Review

The 9500 HR Cross Trainer From Life Fitness - A Review

If you want to speed up your metabolism and reach all your fitness and weight loss goals quickly then the Remanufactured Life Fitness 9500 HR crosstrainer is the one for you! This machine will offer you a full body workout.

No matter what your fitness needs may be this remanufactured crosstrainer will work more muscles in less time and at a lower perceived exertion ratio. The first among home fitness machines which will actually do what it says it is going to do.

This machine will deliver a total body workout all while keeping track of your heart rate. It also will allow you to keep on pace with your goals. The first unit ever known to keep track of your goals.

So if it’s an amazing body you’re looking for, then it’s the life fitness 9500 HR for you. This machine has a place for everyone. The life fitness 9500 HR is one of the most sought after fitness elliptical of the top fitness facilities in the world.

The CT9500 HR gives you cardiovascular/muscular benefits of running and the low impact of walking. With more than 25 fitness programs to choose from, the Life Fitness 9500 HR is definitely a high selling exercise machine.

The user can either work out large groups of upper or lower body muscles or they can alternate between backward and forward motions. Either way they will experience a total body workout every time. This trainer has a Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring system. This system is the most accurate way to calculate your heartbeat.

The 9500 HR Total Body crosstrainer delivers exceptional results in minimal time, through smooth low-impact striding and upper body synchronized motion which keeps the users interest peeked and motivated, ready to return for their next work out.

Lifepulse Contact Heart Rate enables the user to check heart rate levels during the workout and the HRZT or Heart Rate Zone Training. This machine is easily used in any environment and can be left practically anywhere. This cross trainer runs smoothly no matter what the stress put on it is.

Some models can be purchased remanufactured. This means that the machines are built so well that they often require just a little refurbishing and they are back to new and this can go a big distance in your wallet. The equipment has been pre-selected from, GFI’s inventory of used products, the eligibility of which is very strict and must maintain a long history of excellent performance and condition.

Most of the units chosen often have minimal refurbishing needs. By buying one of these units it will drastically cut your cost down. So if you’re looking for a top of the line equipment at a fraction of the price then the Life Fitness 9500 HR crosstrainer is the choice for you. This unit weighs in at around 275 pounds.