What is “old” for you? How

What is “old” for you? How
fitness for women

What is “old” for you? How do you describe or define it? Age is actually just a number while old or young is how one acts or an attitude. When your age reaches higher figure, it does not mean you are old or growing old does not mean you can do nothing. It is sad to know that many believe especially the middle aged adults that aging is a disaster.

It is more important to keep an eye on your health and fitness than what you did when you were younger. Studies say that diseases that affect women aged 50 and up actually involve health issues that you actually have some control over together with nutritional deficit issues. You can actually help promoting women fitness by having a healthy lifestyle. Through this, you are able to decrease the risk of any diseases.

For women aging 50 and up, it is advised to have a regular exercise. This actually can help you decrease any menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, sleep disorders and joint pain. Moreover, regular exercise can also decrease the risk of cardiac illnesses, prevents osteoporosis and diabetes and help you control or maintain your weight.

Below are the women fitness and health tips which are most applicable to women 50 and up!

  • Exercise – Cedric Bryant, PhD and chief science officer of the American Council on Exercise said that daily exercise for women over 50 helps the body to work better. Exercise actually aids to prevent women from becoming inefficient as they age. The right fitness program for women 50 up include aerobics, strength and stretching exercises.
  • Regularly Moving – research says that women can get many health benefits from moving regularly. Also, studies say that the complications one can get from being physically inactive include diabetes. Anyone can actually be able to perform this tip without getting hurt. It can simply be performed through taking extra few steps everyday. You can use pedometer to track the steps you take daily.
  • Increase Taking Calcium – the most significant factor that helps the growth and development of the bones is Calcium. Women 50 and up are prone to osteoporosis. This could get by lacking enough calcium in the body which makes the bones very weak. This may ruin your overall skeletal system. The only way to prevent from yourself from this bone condition, increase your calcium intake to strengthen your bones.
  • Increase Fiber Intake – Fiber helps you prevent from gaining weight. Women 50 and up are commonly prone to obesity and fiber has the most important role to fight against this possibility. Obesity may cause complications like diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis and hypertension.
  • Count your Calories – it is natural to our body to work less efficiently when we age and this brings a great impact on the energy levels of women 50 and up. One important factor women should focus on is the food they take everyday as many just eat whatever they want without realizing that this wrong attitude might lead them to over eating and weight gain. Research says, in order to be active, people should limit their calorie intake.

We can not hold ourselves back from aging, everyone gets old, and who doesn’t? However, everyone can prevent illnesses caused by aging. Women and Health can forever be together. No age limit and no time can say it’s impossible to be healthy.