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Aged Care Facilities
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Our powerful MESH Networks also mean that connectivity is assured even in traditionally poor reception areas.

Through improved communication and information and knowledge transfer both within the different facilities eg Nursing Home, a Hostel and/or self care accommodation, across different sites and with external service providers; Aged Care Facilities can plan implement and improve the care pathways of all Residents and reduce/prevent problems, improve access and create a more effective support network for Residents and external Care Providers.

You will be able to communicate seamlessly, securely and easily with GP’s, Pharmacists, ASET (Aged Service Emergency Team), Co-ordinated Care Discharge Planning, A&E, Community Nursing, ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team), Allied Health including MOW (Meals on Wheels), Dieticians, Transport, many other Community Care and Service providers and Aged Care Facilities, and ultimately Pathology, Radiology etc

You will be able to exchange information from many formats including medication charts and changes, transfer forms, assessment forms including ACCR (Aged Care Client Record), CIARR Client Information and Referral Record), ONI (On-going Needs Assessment) upgrades, waiting lists and bed fill information ……and more.

Advantages for GP’s....

When GP''s and other Medical Officers visit the facility, using a wireless laptop at the point of care, they can securely access their own medical software in their practice, just as if they were in their own practice, on a guaranteed secure network.

GP’s will have all the relevant information they need from their own practice, including direct communication with the facility and the pharmacy through this secure network.

Using a dedicated printer prescriptions can be printed on site, reducing time back at the surgery and virtually eliminating call backs and phone calls for medications.

The Pharmacist can pick up the prescriptions directly and so avoid items owings and other discrepancies.

Additional facilities include Secure Voice and Instant Messaging services to the GP’s surgery and/or digital mobile device which alerts the doctor to messages when and how they best want to deal with them, so minimising interruptions. They can respond easily and directly to in a timely manner, when most convenient. Similar services are available for the Pharmacist.

If they are connected to a Care Communication Network (CCN), Aged Care Facilities will ultimately be able to directly request and respond, send and receive all the information they need and want not only with GP’s but also with other health, care and service providers such as Community Transport, Area Health departments such as Co-ordinated Care Discharge Planning, Meals on Wheels and many nore....

The system is secure, simple and convenient for everyone to use to help them achieve optimal care for Residents.