Confused with Social Media Strategy

Confused with Social Media Strategy

Do you want more money, freedom, and time in your life? Finding clients online can make all the difference in your health coaching practice. Coaching online is the best thing we did in our coaching practices. It works much more quickly than growing your practice locally but only when done the RIGHT way. There is a slow track and a fast track to making money by finding potential health coaching clients online. In this course we teach you the fastest tracks to finding clients online.

The internet is flooded with people seeking support to reach their health goals. You can reach so many more people online than in your local area.

We are the perfect mentors for you. Kristina is the tech wizard and Bree struggles with technology. We balance out perfectly and know that everything we teach you will be easy to implement! We both wanted freedom of an online business and to make more money. We have successfully sold health coaching and business coaching programs anywhere from $17 to $1,000 and up.

In this course over a series of 6 modules we teach you how to implement our 4 step funnel to finding clients online that requires little of your time and has a quick return. Most of the strategies work while you sleep! There are so many ways to find clients online, but some methods are useless for health coaches and others take a lot of time and produce a slow growth. While utilizing these 4 steps we will teach you the most profitable methods to use and how to strategically implement them in your business authentically.

We wanted to create a course to help you avoid all the mishaps we did.

We have spent tens of thousands of dollars on trainings and spent hundreds – if not thousands – of hours trying to figure out how to overcome our challenges to building a sustainable health coaching business’ locally and online. We were spending way too much time doing marketing activities without a strong foundation and that never resulted in a steady flow of clients. We want to show you how easy it is to have clarity and attract clients online.

Before Kristina had a clear and simple action plan, she was sacrificing her health and time with family to run her coaching practice. Now, Kristina is able to work from home for only a few hours a day during her son’s nap. She has published a book and has the freedom to enjoy her life which would not have been possible just a year ago.

Module 2: The Basics of Finding Potential Clients Online (April 6th)

Your newsletter is the central piece to finding clients online so using and building your list the right way is vital. Creating a weekly newsletter really requires nearly 0 extra work and we show you how easy it is to use and create. You will learn the number most effective strategy to get more potential clients to sign up for your newsletter that most coaches don’t use. Having a newsletter is useless if you don’t have people opening it so we teach you simple strategies to have potential clients excited and anxiously waiting to receive your emails.