Health Marketing: How Good Leads Can Up Your Sale

Health Marketing: How Good Leads Can Up Your Sale

Using targeted opt-in advertisements can definitely help a company market itself more effectively. Opt-in advertising is when consumers have consented to receive product marketing information, usually by email.

Most people check their email on a daily basis. That’s the main reason why opt-in advertising can be so successful. In the health industry, marketing with effective leads can definitely up a company’s sales. Directly marketing by email with opt-in advertising with the help of beneficial leads can double or even triple the amount of sales a company makes, as compared to ineffective leads via the very same email marketing.

Whether the health care business is a pharmaceutical company or the local chain pharmacy, the first way to obtain excellent leads is to specifically profile your company’s target consumer. This can be done with the help of online surveys. These surveys can help a health care business determine a typical consumer’s demographic profile, including information about his age, socioeconomic situation, as well as his health conditions and buying habits, and products he regularly uses, such as cigarettes.

Once the survey information is accumulated, the health care company who initiated the survey now has the pertinent results of each consumer of their products or services. They can then target specific products and services to each person based on the responses to the survey.

Another way to generate excellent leads for health care businesses is to obtain a customer’s email right at the point of purchase at the cash register. If that consumer is buying vitamins or diet pills, for example, then future targeted emails can go directly to that customer advertising more vitamins or diet pills.

This is a wonderful way to generate a long-term lead, since the average vitamin or diet pill buyer will be a repeat buyer. But by targeting him with regular emails about the products involved with his particular buying habits, the health care business can rest assured that repeat sales will be triggered and boosted.

The simple fact of constantly reminding the consumer that his products are available and possibly on sale will ensure increased sales. Also, when that consumer visits the store once again, it’s very likely he’ll buy more than just the same product. Since he’s already in the pharmacy or vitamin shop, he’s highly likely to purchase other similar products as well.

This is one of the best ways to ensure rapid, increased sales. There’s no question that good leads can generate more income for the intelligent health marketer. Before email, this used to be done by direct mailing of printed materials or with solicited telephone calls and faxes. But the email age is here to say and health marketers can be glad it is.

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