How To Make Green Lemonade Health Secrets

How To Make Green Lemonade  Health Secrets

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How to Make Green Lemonade Video:

A high quality knife is recommended

Any plastic or wood cutting board will work

Fountain JE95XL - It’s fast and has a high juice yield and a large mouth for fitting most vegetables in whole.

Make sure you’ve washed all the ingredients, and then put in your juicer. No need to peel anything. You only need to cut up the ingredients to make them fit into the mouth of the juicer. This recipe usually makes about 16-20 ounces of juice.

If you’ve tried any other green drinks before, you know that many of them don’t taste very good. And the ones that are made from powders can get kind of grainy when you try to drink them. This green lemonade recipe is really simple to make with a juicer, tastes good, and is extremely healthy for you. Since it’s all freshly juiced, you can be sure you’re getting live enzymes and chlorophyll in your body.

I adapted this recipe from one of my favorite books on healthy eating and lifestyle: The Raw Food Detox Diet.

Here are some other ingredients to try in your own “Green Lemonade”

Any green leafy vegetable you like

If you need to sweeten the drink, you can use a few drops of Stevia (start with 1 or 2  drops - it’s extremely potent) or some raw honey.

Since this is fresh juice, it’s best to drink it right away, but I’ve found that it will keep for about 2 days if you want to make a little extra when you have the juicer out.

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