Portion Control

Portion Control

It is not necessarily what you eat that will cause you so many health problems. It is actually how much of something you eat that will lead to the problems with the diet that one will face. Sure eating healthier foods will definitely be to your advantage, but if you gorge yourself on something that is healthy, it will not matter if you have consumed too much of any one thing.

Pay Attention

Read the packaging on anything that you are going to eat and see what is the recommended amount that one should eat. Then that should be what it is that you consume. Simply eating until you are full is not the proper way to eat at any time. Yes, you should eat when you are hungry and you should eat between four and five times a day, but it should be a wide variety of items and it should not be a full meal at every sitting. The nutrition facts that are provided on the packaging are there because they are acting as a warning to tell you not to eat too much at one time. Also look into what you prepare the food with as well as what type of condiments you are using as well. Look of r low sodium and low fat products such as broths and trans fat free oils in order to improve your health.

Learn Self Control

There is no problem with the wanting to indulge oneself from time to time with a treat or to eat more than one should in a single sitting. However, one needs to realize that it is not appropriate to go and have a bowl of ice cream every night even if they only eat the recommended serving. Everything in moderation is what is always recommended. So mixing in a treat once in a while is alright as long as it is not a regular occurrence and it is not something that one will turn into a regular portion of their diet.

Add It Up

Look at what it is that you have eaten for the day. Now look at all the labels of everything that you ate. Here you will add up all of the calories, fat and all other items that you are tracking on your intake. Realize that even if you were watching you will not believe how much you actually consumed before you add it all up. Do not forget the soda in the afternoon, or the handful of candy at your desk. Now realize, how moderation and actually paying attention will be a huge wakeup call and reality check when you see how much an actual portion is and what it contains as opposed to what you ate and how much you consumed.