Pruritus – Itchy Neck Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Medical Treatment

Pruritus – Itchy Neck Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Medical Treatment

Pruritus ( Itchy Neck )

The most irritating disease which has ruined many peoples work and life is itchy neck. In medical studies is called as pruritus which causes irritating sensation to the scratch the neck and its surrounding areas. Itchy neck causes reddening of the skin in the dermal part of neck accompanied with the swelling and irritation.

Very often itchy neck makes the skin to be sore and when it gets irritating due to the itchy neck intensely start flaking. Most of the victims of the itchy skin scratch around the neck when they are suffering with the itchy skin which is the way to get the relaxation from the itchy neck or any epidermal infections while on the contrary it leads to the pathetic state.

Itchy Neck Causes

Itchy neck is a dermal disease which is usually caused by the dirt, insects, infections and various other allergic reactions. Itchy neck can be caused by insect bites while your movement in timberland, infection an allergic reactions, acne’s and chicken pox kind of dermal diseases may also cause itchy neck disease.

Causes of Itchy Neck Disease

  • Insects/ bite
  • Infection or allergies diseases
  • Chicken pox or acne diseases
  • Hormonal changes in the body, such as during the menopause or pregnancy
  • Dermatitis or Eczema disease
  • May be due to excessive dandruff
  • Head lice and scabies
  • In exceptional cases chronic kidney problems may cause itchy skin issues.
  • Itchy neck can be caused by obstructive bile disease due to the block in the bile ducts.
  • Usage of unauthorized and disapproved cosmetics, toilet soaps and hair dyes etc., may also actuate itchy skin disease.
  • Jewelry may also cause irritation due to allergy.
  • Due to the extreme weather conditions around you and consumption of wrong prescriptions.

If itching at neck or at any other organs has occurred with other symptoms such as breathlessness, fever and nausea then we suggest you to look for medical care and well experienced doctor as early as possible as it may be a problem of any serious allergies such as anaphylaxis.

Itchy Neck Symptoms

Itchy neck is usually occurred at the neck part or cervical part of human body in both men and women. Symptoms of itchy neck are remarked below.

Itchiness at neck part with mild discomfort.

  • Heat rashes called prickly heat or miliaria occurrence due to clog of sweat glands.
  • Redness and swelling of epidermis (skin) in around neck.
  • Rashes on skin with flaking of skin and pain.
  • Fever followed by chills and runny nose in case of exceptional medical emergency.
  • Breathlessness and stiffness in joints especially in cervical trunk part with profuse sweating needs special medical emergency.


Pay a visit to the skin specialist or experienced specialized doctor in dermal studies as delay may lead to unfortunate circumstance however itchy neck is curable and we have most experienced around the world.

Itchy Neck Medical Intervention and Treatment

In medical studies and dermal studies we have best medicines and surgeries to heal itchy neck disorder however as like most of the diseases and illnesses early observance and detection. We suggest you to get treated with experienced dermal specialists although here are few homemade remedies for immediate relief in case of non-chronic itchiness at neck or at any part of human body and these remedies are not supposed to be practiced at sensitive organs of human body or anatomy.

Home remedies for immediate relief of Moderate Itchiness at Neck and Skin

Immerse the body part or organ in cold water.

  • Apply cold water on the human organ affected by the itchy skin and neck disorder.
  • Apply ointments like hydro-cortisone to arrest the inflammation and unbearable pain at the affected part.
  • Apply antihistamines on itchy body part or organ.
  • Vinegar provides fast relief from itching and prevents further irritation thus use 1-3 cups of vinegar in bath water or apply it on itchy skin with clean cotton cloth.
  • Baking Soda soothes itches of all types Apply a creamy paste by mixing baking soda with water and spread over the affected area and beware not use that on open cut skin or broken skin.
  • Oatmeal contains powerful anti-itching compounds hence mix oat flower with enough warm water to obtain a thick paste and apply it on the affected area for 20-30 minutes and wash out or get immersed in a tub of warm water with little salt and have oatmeal bath.
  • Apply and wipe the itchy disease part with olive oil for immediate relief.
  • May also apply moisturizing cream over the affected part for immediate relief.
  • The best option would be to apply Aloe Vera for instant relief form itching.
  • Above all do control nervousness and have required quantity of vitamin B.

Itchiness and itching on any part of human body is curable and has best treatment across the globe thus never deteriorate or worsen the itching by scratching on it and application of unhygienic practice over it. We commend the affected or victim of itchy skin and neck to approach a nearby skin doctor for best results and speedy recovery. Stay healthy and let others live healthy share this info with all and do stay tuned to for more healthy updates and disease tips.