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Aetna Dental Insurance Provider Review

Aetna Dental Insurance Provider Review

Aetna Dental Insurance Provider Review

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Home Page > Health > Dental Care > Aetna Dental Insurance Provider Review

Aetna Dental Insurance Provider Review

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Posted: Aug 16, 2009 Comments: 0



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Aetna Dental Insurance Provider Review

By: Viva Fathima

About the Author

Find more about Supplemental Dental Insurance and Aetna Dental Insurance.

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Article Source: – Aetna Dental Insurance Provider Review

Aetna dental insurance is a very popular dental insurance that is linked with affordable and high quality dental care. This insurance provider started operating in the year 1850 and was initially an insurance company that arranged an annuity fund for life insurance. But over the years the company has widened its market base and is now found in various locations as well as working together with various field experts to give their clients only the best that there is in supplemental dental insurance.

Dental Services Offered by Aetna Dental Insurance

Their basic care services include simple extractions, fillings, root canals and general restoration of the dental formula. Preventive care services are x-rays cleanings and regular cheek- ups while their major services are dentures, crowns and bridges.

Aetna Dental Insurance Plans

Their insurance plans provide full dental insurance coverage catering for individuals, families as well as corporate and they offer a wide orange of products to suit the needs of every client. Their individual plans are divided into two based on the age groups of the clients. The first plan caters for persons aged 49 years and below while the second is for clients aged 50 and above. The plans are:

Network only plan: this caters for employees by providing a wide coverage with cost savings through bonuses. The plan covers for basic and preventive care without a requirement for referrals for orthodontia, preauthorization in cases of specialist care and has no deductibles.
Network Optional Plans: provide multiple options designed to satisfy the needs of every client. It also has no requirement for referrals and gives the client the choice of coinsurance levels, deductibles and maximum benefits levels.
Hybrid Plan: it’s a fusion of various insurance plans and caters for the major services, paying a blended rate and does not depend on the individual types of plans making the fusion. The member has the freedom to choose between an indemnity plan along with a DMO (Dental Management Organization) plan or a PPO plan.

Other types of plans are riders, discount and health funds plans.

Benefits to Aetna Dental Insurance Members

It results in general improved dental health and financial heath in times of emergencies.
When these plans are offered to employees, it leads to improved relationships between the employer and employees.
Members can take advantage of the savings plans through their dental access network. Actually this is the largest and most recognized dental network in the US.
It helps meet a huge part of dental medical bills.
Offers a big range of products that are meant to ensure that every client gets exactly what matches their needs.
Their plans offer a lot of flexibility to the members such that they are able to easily shift from one plan to another in line with changes in their individual needs.
Their rates are affordable as compared to those offered by other competing firms such as Aarp Dental Insurance and MetLife Dental Insurance companies.

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(ArticlesBase SC #1130583)

Viva Fathima -
About the Author:

Find more about Supplemental Dental Insurance and Aetna Dental Insurance.


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Aetna Dental Insurance Provider Review

Aetna dental insurance is a very popular dental insurance that is linked with affordable and high quality dental care. This insurance provider started operating in the year 1850 and was initially an insurance company that arranged an annuity fund for life insurance.

Viva Fathimal

Dental Carel
Aug 16, 2009

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