What Equipment Do I need for P90X?

What Equipment Do I need for P90X?

A lot of you may have questions on what type of equipment you will need to begin P90X. It is imperative you invest in some equipment so you can achieve maximum results. Here are the following equipment you will need and some that are recommended.

  1. Dumb Bells OR Resistance Bands - Whatever you decide to purchase, pick one; it will be a huge part in helping you achieve the results you want. Remember, you will be doing lots of reps so it’s imperative you begin with some weights or bands that you can continue doing throughout the whole workout. I began using 10 lbs, then went to 15 lbs, and now I am using 20 lbs; I have a bad shoulder so I needed to start light, only you know what weight or band will suit you!
  2. Chin-Up Bar – I understand that a lot of people cannot do pull-ups when they initially begin P90X, however you need to purchase this piece of equipment; the Chin-Up Bar will help you develop strength, work on your shoulders and also your back. Because I have a bad shoulder, I began doing pull-ups by putting one leg on a chair for some support; I went from not being able to do 1 pull-up to now 5 pull-ups without the chair in 30 days.
  3. Plyometrics or Yoga Mat - Depending on how your knees are, you can either pick the Plyometrics or Yoga Mat. During Phase I, you will be doing Ploymetrics and Yoga once a week; basically you will be doing a lot of both during the 90 days. For those of you who do not know what Ploymetrics is, it includes a lot of jumping exercises that help with your cardio and legs. I have great knees so I just use my Yoga Mat for both Plyometric and Yoga workouts.
  4. Push-Up Stands or Dumb Bells – When you’re doing some of the push-up exercises, you will see that Tony Horton recommends using the Push-Up Stands. The Push-Up Stands are designed to give you more range of motion and will help you develop more strength and help with defining your chest. If you are using dumb bells, you can improvise and use them as push-up stands, however you won’t get as much depth.
  5. TV with DVD / Laptop with DVD – The P90X workout set comes in DVD format, so needless to say, you either need a TV / Laptop with DVD capabilities to do you workouts.


  1. Heart Rate Monitor - It is important you invest in a heart rate monitor so you can see how determine your intensity level while working out.
  2. Power Stands - Depending on how your wrists are, you can use these Power Stands to alleviate some of the pressure on your wrists while doing push-ups.
  3. Yoga Blocks - Yoga is a tough workout and will slowly help you become more limber; if you are not very flexible, I highly recommend investing in Yoga Blocks.

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